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Dodge Durango

2001 Dodge Durango Custom Rams Logos
2001 Dodge Durango Custom Face Shown
Standard gauge face colors for the Dodge Durango are white, silver or black.  The standard lighting colors are red, light blue, green, and yellow.  For custom designs or custom colors call 1-866-943-8641.  Prices listed are for the gauge face only - cluster is not included.  Available logos shown at the bottom of the page. When ordering a white or silver face, the daytime color of the numbers and markings will match your lighting color choice.

1998-2003 Dodge Durango LED Kit $45.00 CAD

Dodge Dakota Blue LED Lighting Upgrade your lighting with this LED Lighting Kit. This LED Kit is an easy plug-in installation, no soldering required. Color options are blue, white and red. This LED Kit for the 98-03 Dodge Durango requires a Black Cat Custom gauge face. Kit will not work with the stock gauge face. Gauge face not included! Note: When ordering the LED kit along with our gauge face, the LED Lighting Kit color you choose will replace your lighting color choice for the gauge face. Your gauge face will be made to optimize your LED color choice.

2001-2003 Dodge Durango Face kmh $119.00 CAD

2001-2004 Dodge Dakota Gauge Face KMHShown in black

2001-2003 Dodge Durango Edge Style Gauge Face kmh $119.00 CAD

01-03 Dodge Durango Edge Style Gauge Face KMHShown in black

1998-2000 Dodge Durango Gauge Face kmh $119.00 CAD

1998-2000 Dodge Durango Gauge Face KMHShown in black

Available Logos

Note: There is a light box in the center of the tach that is used only in applications where there is an upshift light. For the logo in the tach to light up properly, the light box needs to be trimmed out. The lightbox can be left in, however, there will be a dark spot in the center of the logo when the lights are on. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Dodge - Dodge

Durango - Durango

Mopar M - Mopar M

Durango RT Logo- R/T

Ram Head - Ram Head

My TextMy Text will be positioned in the Speedometer.
My Text is your personal logo up to 10 characters. Quotation marks are not printed. If you choose the My Text logo, enter your text in the text box. The font will be the same font that is used in the gauge face layout. The color will be the same color as the numbers and markings on the gauge face.